Red Touchscreen

We recently received a refurbished Form 2 as a replacement. Initially, the button near the touch screen was not working, so I opened the printer up and noticed a loose wire. After comparing our printer with a teardown image of the Form 2, we figured out where the wire goes (or so we thought). Now the button works, but the printer touchscreen is red and glitches occasionally.

Any ideas on what is causing this?

Just curious why you accepted the machine? It obviously passed through QC without any.

One result is that FL doesn’t know the extent of the problem with refurbs.

Self help is counter productive.

We owe it to the community, as well as ourselves to hold FL accountable by reporting the issue, and insisting on a replacement. You have no idea what else is wrong with the machine you received. All you do know is that it shouldn’t have made it out the door.


We accepted the machine because our printer has been out of commission for several weeks at this point, and we have interns that need to print their prototypes before their internships expire in August.

Also, we did report the issue to them. This is actually the 2nd replacement printer we have received, because the other refurbished one had a motor jam issue. Customer support has been helpful, but they do not know the direct cause of the issue (so they offered to send a whole new display). Given my positive experience, I have confidence that my customer service representative will make it right if I find any other issues with this printer.

Makes sense; Occam’s Razor to the rescue!

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