Reclaiming resin?

I just noticed some hazing (fogging) in the center of my tray, which I am thinking accounts for some edges not printing very sharp. I have a new tray and wanted to know if I can just pour the resin from the old tray into the new one so I don’t just waste what is still in the old tray. I’m using clear resin only for all trays, old and new (V02).

Shouldn’t be a problem. Though it probably makes sense to strain it if you’re going to go to the trouble of decanting it. Resin in a tank is the same resin in a different tank. I haven’t done this with my Form2 (I made it a challenge to find things to print until the tank was nearly dry). But I did it with my Form1+ all the time.

Thanks Randy. What material do you suggest to strain with?

I have tried a few different approaches. Depending on how patient you are, Cheesecloth flows really slowly but works pretty well as a filter. If you aren’t that patient, a fine mesh screen works. I stole one from my wife’s kitchen tool drawer, the pitch of the screen in this tool is maybe 2-3x higher than what you’d normally see in a window screen.

Thanks Randy, I’ll find something along those lines.

190 micron automotive paint filters. Slow and easily clogged, especially when straining the sorry remains of a failed job. I’ve just bought a new batch - £25 for 500, so not a huge cost.

I use the paint filters too, also I recommend using a cheap syringe type thing like this:

Rather than pouring out the resin from the tray which can make a mess, you just use the syringe to suck it out and it makes no mess, angle the tray a little to get the resin to a corner and use the scraper when needed.

Hey Zach,
All great ideas. I have one of those turkey basters that might work too

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