Can you strain and reuse resin from a tray with cured resin on the bottom?

So I just went to check on my print and had to abort it because I could already see that it was failing badly, luckily it was less then 2 hours in. So I was combing through the tank to get the fallen pieces of the print out when I noticed there is cured resin in the bottom of my tray, like a lot. Can I pore the rest of the resin from the tray through a strainer and reuse it? Is there a way to get the resin off the tray or is it pretty much scrap at this point?

I am still very new to this and really don’t want to mess this up…

If I’m able to save the resin can I just pore it into a new tray and start printing? Or will that mess up the auto filling feature and cause the printer to overfill? I really don’t know what to do right now and don’t want to ruin my printer.

Any advice on how to deal with my current situation? I’m sorry in advanced…

When I get a failed print (which from time to time in R&D :slight_smile: ) I always use a gloved hand to gently pull the pieces off. A steel scraper works too, but be careful not to damage the PDMS rubber surface of the tank. Depending on the failure, you may not need to do anything more than that. If there are “floaters” in the tank, then you can strain it with a paint filter.

Thank you for the advice! I got all the resin off the print bed using the glove, I was so nervous using the scraper and this felt a lot less luckily to damage the tray. There are a lot of little pieces of cured resin floating around so I’m going to filter it and then start again.

Thank you so much!!

If you can, after removing the resin try and check the bottom of the tray where the piece was stuck because it might be cloudy from being stuck there.
Also, as for how to remove resin from the tank, I recommend getting a plastic syringe and using that rather than pouring out directly from the tray. It takes longer but it is a much better way to avoid a mess from getting resin on the outside of the tray.

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I filtered the resin and made sure all the cured resin was off he bottom of the tray before poring the resin back in. I restarted printing the print that peeled and kept and eye on it just in case. No issues this time, everything is good :slight_smile:

Thank you guys so much for the help, I’m so thankful this forum is so active with helpful people.

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