How do you go about getting cured resin flakes out of the tray?

I have to look in different directions to see them, though the only way that works for me is tweezers and even then its a bit of a fiddle, plus I touch the silicone bed quite a bit with them. Does anyone have any other solutions? The resin flakes are extremely thin so getting underneath them with something is near impossible.

Hey @Edward_Peretti, around the office here, we use fine-toothed combs to remove any extraneous bits of resin from the tank.

Ahh cool idea, thanks :slight_smile:

I tried the comb method for a while…it’s messy, and slow.

Paint filters are cheap, fast, and do a better job.

I use a 150 micron paint filter into a 500 ml glass beaker, then back in the tank (or bottle) - no problems.

Good ideas guys. For a quick solution I might try making a holder with a wafer think bit of plastic at the end to scoop underneath the cured flakes.

I printed a bracket to hang a cone shaped paint filter from the beam that the base attaches to so I can filter the resin back into the tank in the closed printer.

nice! Do you have the file for that bracket Jon? Also do you clean out the resin tray? Or leave the excess resin in there?

I’ve been using this comb that I designed to pull shrapnel off the silicone and strain the resin:

Printed on a Fortus 250mc FDM printer in ABS - don’t know if PLA would work… try it! :smile:

Haven’t noticed any problems with tray damage either.