Handy resin tank strainer

Over time small bits of cured resin can accumulate in your resin tank - lots of things can cause this ranging from from canceling a print midway through to being a bit too ambitious and trying to print a model with a full head of hair. Regardless of how it got there, it needs to be removed for optimum print quality. In order to do this I have designed a tank strainer that can be printed on your Form 1.

The strainer comes in two pieces - a handle and strainer. Print both parts on your Form 1 then press the two parts together.

To use the strainer simply strain it through the resin to collect any bits, give it a gentle shake above the resin tank to let any excess resin drip off, rise it in your alcohol bath to clean it and then let it dry for the next use.




Thank you for sharing the print model, I’ve downloaded for my coming form1!

Awesome!  BTW, why aren’t they releasing the clear resin at launch?  Everything they’ve shown in the last few months seems to be made with it, and it looks ready for prime time.

Thanks for sharing this!  One question, how tight should the handle fit in the base, on my print it is very loose [I’ll need to add some material in there to get it to fit] Also what orientation did you print it? I used a support structure, which resulted in a lot of clogs.

I printed mine flat.  IIRC all the slits on the bottom needed to be opened up, so I did so with an exacto after washing (then washed again.)  I epoxied the handle on to mine due to the excess play.

Have people had any issues with the Jello strainer scratching the bottom of the Resin Tank? I used a silicone spatula to remove some blobs of partially cured resin from my tank after the second print had some issues. I’m inclined to print the strainer so that I can strain the full volume of resin. It seems like a necessity for when  the grey resin shows up. I don’t want to do anything that shortens the life of the bottom of the tank though.

I have not noticed any scratching, but I am sure to move it gently over the bottom to reduce any risk.

the handle stl should be taken down and redesigned to fit. Might just be a handle scaling issue but I don’t care to reprint it to figure it out