Really Bad print quality

Hey everyone

Does anyone now what’s the problem with the print quality on the print? I cleaned all of the mirrors plus the two little small mirrors in the back. I have new resin tray. New resin black v2. I have a form1+

Any tips wood be most appreciated
Thank you

Have you printed the same part oriented differently? I am wondering if the horrible surface finish is linked to a specific orientation or just that the mirrors still need cleaning. I also am wondering what the laser shape looks like. It also may give us an idea of what is going on.

the laser spot test is not working. //Applications/ -diagnostic

I have never printed this file before. so I will try a different rotation and different resin color.

thank you david

I couldn’t get the laser test to work but here’s what the laser Looks like will printing a 5 x 5 x 6 box the hinge side is not printing right first picture is the hinge side and the second picture is the peel side.

it’s just posted to be a straight line not a Square. Any idea

I do not know why the -diagnostic is not working on your mac. I know I was never able to get it to run on my mac. But since I now use a pc, it is not an issue for me. Hopefully someone here can chime in on how to get it running for you.

That rectangle is a bit odd. Being that the laser is moving, it may be ok. Getting a good pic with the spot test seems like a really good idea. Looking over your first post, did you open a support ticket yet / do you have an open ticket for cleaning the mirrors? If not, I think it is a good idea. Unfortunately, you will most likely not get an answer until Monday.

I don’t think (I have been wrong before) the problem is dirty mirrors as one side of your model looks pretty good while the other side looks horrible. I cant see the supports really well. Does the good/bad side originate at the raft and run up the supports as well as the model?

I will talk to the support team Monday. If it is a laser problem will they just send me a replacement laser that I can install? Thanks for the help David have great weekend

Your welcome.
Unfortunately, no. They can not send out lasers or galvos. Though my kid could change them out we can not calibrate the machines for their use. The machine will need to take a trip to CA for the repair.
Have a good weekend. Hopefully support can pinpoint the problem to something that does not end with the printer needing to visit CA.

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