Bad print peel lines due to bad laser flare?

Getting some bad peel distortions on my models, much worse since updating preform to the latest version. A few months back I had an old version of preform and using outdated (gone bad) v1 grey resin I got pretty flawless no peel line results. Now I am experiencing harsh peel lines, tiny holes and thickening, warping in some of my models.

Thinking this could be a laser issue as I have not cleaned the galvos or main mirror since we got the printers years ago and they look a little dusty when I shine a light on them. Laser test looks pretty flared up, not a nice clean dot. What do you guys think?

I have two Form 1 + printers. Here are the flares for both:



My main printer is printer1. Here is a head model I printed. I am using the latest preform. You can see the small peel lines on the face and distortion across the eyebrow. Also it looks like the supports are warping on one side. I am getting this pattern of bad peel lines on other models I print so I am not sure if this is a laser issue though the laser doesn’t look too good from the pics.

More pictures of positioning on the build platform and model thickness.

So not sure what to do from here. Will cleaning the mirrors make my laser better?

Cleaning your mirrors will not fix a bad laser but the odds of the laser being bad (though it does happen) is slim. Reach out to FL and tell them what is going to. Clean the main mirror. You should wait for FL’s ok to clean the other 3 but if you are out of warranty, waiting for the FL blessing may not really matter.

I would try dry cleaning first, run the spot test. If it doesn’t improve, give it a go with 90% or higher IPA.
Even Printer 2 looks like it could use some TLC.

Let us know how you make out.

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Cheers David. Yeah holding out for Formlabs response. Though part of me thinks the latest preform has something to do with the peel lines. The bad laser flares are distorting areas of my models as I can see a pattern, especially with the large spike flare on the hinge side as that always messes up the forehead areas of my head models.

Though something I have also noticed is that peel lines are more obvious in hollowed models. So far anything solid comes out pretty nice. These shoes I printed a month ago when the tank was new. No peel lines here.

It’s very likely to be a dust issue

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