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I’ve been printing none stop however over the past two prints I’ve developed drastic lines across the models. I’ve run the same print twice and cleaned the tank and mirror. Any idea’s? Printed at 0.0.5 and 0.1 with the same result. Using the Form2

Have you cleaned the galvo mirrors as well? Is the object solid? Dirty galvos (or a streaky main mirror) or peel stress could be causing those lines.

How do you clean the galvo mirrors on a Form2?

Sorry, just realised you have a form2, no idea how to clean galvos on that, no idea how you cleaned the main mirror as it’s a sealed unit. I’d go with stress on the peel process in that case.

The object is hollow, with drain holes. There shouldn’t be that amount of stress on a small part like this to justify the finish like this I would of thought. I’ve printed much larger things with more surface peel without a problem. I took the cartridge out and gave it a shake as well to ensure nothing was separating. Could this be down to the silicone clouding? I’ve reorientated the print to see if I have any success.

My mistake, I meant the glass rather than mirror. Old habits from using the form1.

Could be clouding I guess, I haven’t had any issues like this (yet) on my form2.

try moving it to a different location, and also try cleaning off the glass underneath the tray and check the underside of the tray to see if it’s dusty.

I’ve given that a shot, cleaned the underside. Printed on the opposite side - same result. I’m going to try another model to see if it’s design related. Can’t see why though… it’s a very straight forward print.

Are the lines in the same place each time?

Make sure the build platform and tank are tight. Any play in those will cause that.

I had similar problems on my 1+
It looks like the lines on your model aren’t on the entire model, only in certain parts?

  • 1 or 2 major shift lines had to do with the build platform being loose - the clamp wasn’t keeping it from flopping side to side (although it “flopped” minutely, was enough to create lines).
  • Many lines usually came up on very thin wall sections (too thin) - beefing up those walls corrected the issue.

Consistent lines don’t seem to have anything to do with things not being clean - dirty mirrors or clouded resin trays effect one section of a print at all layers, never just one horizontal line.

Is it just that part? If so then your model has co-planer faces. Make sure the model is booleaned together as one piece OR intersect the shapes.
I make quite a few coin, pin and keychain models and it isn’t always possible to boolean union them together without errors.
If your model had has multiple parts then PreForm will have problem with slices if 2 surfaces occupy they same space and normals not in the same direction. I pointed this out to Formlabs a while back. It seems to be a Netfab bug.
My workaround was to extend the shapes so they intersect, Just a couple thousandths does the trick.

I would agree with Ken that this might actually be a problem with the model. If the model has problems with self intersection or other issues in the mesh, it can cause this kind of output. One way to check this out is to scroll through layers in PreForm and look carefully at whether the laser scan lines match the model.

Thanks for all the replies guys.

Lines are repeated in the same place. Build platform is tightly secured without any movement. Printing with a 1.5mm wall thickness on some parts - however other parts (the outside rim) is solid however still retains the lines (lines are only on the front of the piece). The model itself is a solid boolean operation done in Rhino5 without any intersecting parts.

I’ve printed a couple of other files since this model - for example this chandelier, on different parts of the bed and no problems at all. It’s definitely a file issue on my part. It is worth noting I have been using an alterantive Photocentric ‘hard’ reisn which is working really well in all my 3d prints.

I’ve been using their firm grey with great results - it’s got a little bit of give in it and you can barely see the layer lines, even at 50 micron.

It’s a great alternative. I was going to ask the bottle says its water soluble however I’ve never found it works as well as bathing in IPA. Hows your experience been with it?

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I always wash in 99% IPA. I have been having some issues with the prints lately though - supports peeling off the print before the print is complete, might have to increase point size or add more supports (normally .4 size and 70-80% support coverage). I might even go back to a mix (1 part fl grey to 3 parts photocentric) as I’m having issues with the tank over filing and flooding the printer.

I’ve had a similar experience. Generally formlabs resin will print fine with low support and point size but the photocentric sometimes struggles with it. My printer always overfills over the line which does have me worried sometimes because the resin is much less viscous. Never had a flooding issue although the machine did stop printing once because it overfilled.

Been having a lot of overfill and level issues lately - personally I wish I could disable the levelling feature and just manually level - the adjustable feet are all that is required, the sensor just fouls things up… The overfilling is (I think) because the tank uses the resin itself to calculate how much is there (electrical resistance I’m sure I’ve read on a forum somewhere) and third party resins have different resistance values - when I ran a mix it was never a problem (overfilling or support fails).

That last print looks very nice

As for the problem print–I’m not sure how it is in Rhino–I would think it would work OK, but in 3ds Max Booleans very often cause mesh problems so that could be why.