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Why this vertical lines on my print?

Hello (merry christmas :christmas_tree: )

Do you know why I have some vertical lines/holes on my print with my form 2 ?
(Grey V4, 100 m)

Seems something related to mirror issue or laser issue, that is repeating every layers in the same XY position. Please be sure your mirrors are perfectly celan and the galvos’ mirror are cean, too. Then use a new tank and try a test print.
I also suggest to update the machine firmware.


Because the lines are so Sharpe I would suggest that there is some cure resin stuck to the film of the tank. Could be either the top or bottom surface.

Thanks guys :wink:
Ok so a lot of time and work to clean this, and waste of resin to check it :sweat_smile:

When things go wrong the first thing to do is filter the resin into another container, eg a pint plastic cup that can be emptied back into the tank.