Horizontal Lines on Print


I’m getting lines randomly in the z axis using Black V4 sliced at 100microns. The printer sometimes throws a resin sensor error and pauses for a while until I do something with the cartridge. But these lines are left behind. This print only stopped once that I saw for resin sensor issues, but there are multiple lines on the print.

Any ideas?

Hello Komodo,
it can be the sensoring issue but more or less i see the problem more at the galvo mirrors.
If you try to clean them, don’t follow the Formlabs directions cleaning them with IPA!
Get yourself a cleaning kit for ccd chips like in a digital SLR camera. So you can not ruin your mirrors.


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Definitely recommend speaking to our support team, and they’d be happy to point you in the right direction to get this issue resolved as efficiently as possible. :slight_smile:


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You seem to have a mechanical issue, has nothing to do with dirty mirrors.
Best to contact support for some fault finding.

Have you already tried printing a cylinder directly from the base up without cartridge error interruptions in between?

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