New Printer, Dirty Mirror

Did anybody else"s printer show up with a dirty mirror?

I just received mine this week and wanted to try it out but there is a large speck of dirt on the mirror that compressed air won’t remove.
I’ve opened a support ticket but it’s Saturday and I’m guessing I won’t hear anything till Monday when I’m back at work.
Is there any harm in trying a print? I’m a little disappointed to get a new machine with dirty mirrors.

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Got my F1+ upgrade a few months ago but haven’t had resin to print yet but I looked at my mirror the other day and realized its an orange smudgy mess! IDK what the heck it is, it looks perfect until you put a light by it. I don’t know how it prints since I just cant afford resin now. I opened a support ticket also.

Hey guys, support won’t answer you until Monday, so to save some time place an order for Pec-Pad wipes today on Amazon or a similar website. You need Pec-Pads and rubbing alcohol.

Sweet! That’s exactly what I needed to know. I was afraid I might need something special like that.
Logging on to Amazon right now.

I’ve got alcohol already and pec pads should be here Wednesday but mine doesn’t look dirty, it looks more like a defective surface ( or under the mirror coating?) but I’m not sure. Just looking down at it, it looks perfect but when you light it up you see this:

Seriously ?! I just submitted a ticket for a poorly coated mirror last night. No matter how much I clean it this stuff exists UNDER the surface. I see a red hue too at some angles, but couldn’t capture it on camera. I know this photo makes it look dirty, but trust me I cleaned it with a pec-pad flooded in IPA and it always looks the same.

That residue does come off. it comes from what I would guess to be the product they treat them with when assembling them. Get the pec pad soaked in IPA and do one swipe from top to bottom. Change the pad and repeat. You basically have to absorb it into the pec pad which can take a few swipes. I have not seen this come back on mine yet.

OK thanks and I hope your right!
My pec pads should be here in the next couple days, and I should be hearing back on my support ticket today also.

Just read my message from support.
They say it looks like a sticker was removed from my mirror wrong but that it is cleanable, thank God!
I sure hope so anyway, and I will post here on if it does clean up once I get my pec pads.

Looks like it is coming off, it’s not going without a fight though!
It would be ALOT easier if the mirror was user removable!
But anyway I’m just glad its not a defect!
EDIT : well I’ve cleaned for about twenty minutes twice now and the smudges are all up and down streaks now but still wont go away. If anything it looks worse! There has got to be a better way!

@VinceErb, your customer support engineer will help you with this. Please keep in touch with them.

I got someone to do it for me and they got it spotless in just a couple minutes, I just couldn’t do it right because my hand is messed up. Looks good now though. I’m really anxious to try it out now!

Vince- I just wanted to pass along a post I made about our new mirror cleaning support materials on our website. There are videos on the proper mirror cleaning techniques that I think you would find helpful in case you personally need to clean your mirror again!