Raft peeling while printing Grey V4



I’m experiencing raft peeling issues while printing Grey V4. I tried using a new tank and cartridge but the issue persists.

I’m having no issues while printing Clear V4.

Any suggestions?

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Two things. Your galvos, optical mirror, and your print window may need cleaned. If you contact support they can get you the guides to properly clean them. Second is the Z-axis offset. It can vary slightly in-between different tanks.


Thank you Jmorris for your suggestion. But why does it happen only with Grey V4 and not Clear V4?


Again two things haha.
One: assuming that you use different tanks for grey and clear, their may be differences in the layer at the bottom of the tank. This difference is in thickness during the manufacturing process. Creating variance in the Z axis.

Two: the difference in pigment of the two resins. The clear allows more residual light to cure more layers on the build plate making the stronger. The grey absorbs more of the light, preventing multiple layers to be cured at once.


Yes, I am using different tanks for grey and clear. I will try changing the z offset, bringing the platform closer to the tank bottom.

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