Raft adhesion survey

A few questions for Form 1(+) owners:

  1. Have you noticed that your rafts are harder to remove from your build platform in version 2.9.x than in previous versions?
  2. Is your raft thinner than normal in version 2.9.x?
  3. If you contacted support with any issues related to rafts and removal or parts, what did they tell you to raise your Z height by? Did the suggestion work?
  4. Do your rafts shatter when you try to remove them from the build platform?
  5. If you had any of the above problems, were you using a version 4 vat?
  6. What is the condition of your build platform?

My answers:

  1. Yes in most cases
  2. Yes
  3. .5mm, not really
  4. Yes - they come off in tiny little pieces
  5. Yes a version 4 vat
  6. It seems to stick less when I used less heavily scuffed one (which certainly makes sense)
  1. yes
  2. dont notice.
  3. no
  4. yes
  5. not sure.
  6. good. near new
  1. Yes, but have only printed smaller parts so far so I am not bothered by it.
  2. Not obviously but possible.
  3. N/A
  4. Depends on the resin, white does better than clear, flexible and tough obviously don’t break up.
  5. Nope, old Rev03
  6. Old and scuffed from use (not sanding) Only one recent adhesion problem not blamed on platform condition (thought to be due to printing on top of frothy resin after thorough mixing.

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