Tough resin not adhering to build platform reliably

Hi all, we’re having an issue where Tough resin is not reliably adhering to the build platform resulting in the raft getting detached fairly frequently (but not always).

See attached photos of the latest build where the raft is partially detached from the build platform.

Most of the failures have been more spectacular with the raft completely detaching from the build platform and ending up in the resin tank.

White resin prints perfectly fine with the same printer (different resin tank obviously).

Any one have any ideas?


That is exactly what my tough print just did. I have printed with tough for about 40 parts spread over about 10 prints and never saw this till the latest firmware update. I cleaned everything, filtered the resin, etc, and the next trial only went one layer before I had to stop it. It had peeled the layer half way off the build platform, it was not properly cured, it had the constancy of a wet noodle. Please see my other posts for details.

i think it may be related to build platform leveling as only the parts i printed on the rear half of the build platform are affected (and not just tough, also black).

i leveled the platform and will do a retest this week

waiting to see your results

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