Why does this not stick to the build plate?

I’ve printed several cartridges of Tough 1500 in a row without any issues, until now – when trying to print the simplest thing, fully (150%!!) supported on a full raft it just fails.

I’ve tried twice, different positions and fully cleaned up and filtered the resin tank between runs, but no, just will not stick.

Is it too small or what’s going on?

Here’s my print file:
Failed Print.form (348.5 KB)

Like two cleanups in one day wasn’t enough, of corse I had to drop the resin bottle when poring it back so even more cleaning… that’s it, I’m done for today.

Hi @Reine,

I’m sorry to hear about the failed prints (and extended cleanup) you encountered. If nothing at all was adhered to the build platform, you could try Fine tuning your printer’s Z-axis offset. If this doesn’t help, Support could take a closer look at the file and your printer’s diagnostic logs.

I just started the print in Clear to see if that makes and difference, if not I’ll go through the guide you liked.

But isn’t it strange that other models I regularly print directly on the build plate stick, but not the model above?

Hi @Reine,

Testing out the same print with a different resin type sounds like a good plan. It is definitely strange that this only seems to be affecting this particular model. The small raft footprint shouldn’t have an affect on the adherence, but perhaps that could be a factor as well.

I printed it twice with Clear yesterday and it came out fine both times.

I had the same problem. Worked with Formlabs tech but couldn’t get it to print. My laser power was detected to be 90% which I assume was the problem. Cleaned galvo mirrors but still didn’t print. Spent a lot of hours over the weekend and then some in the effort.
Considering mixing purple casting wax resin with the blue casting wax 40 resin but need to do more research before trying this. Not sure if they print at the same temperature.
I read on this site that someone had done this.

Hi @Reine,

That is quite strange. If you have a spare resin tank available, it may be worth testing a different tank using Tough 1500. With that said, if that still does not work, I would have to defer to Support for them to look more into this.


I’m sorry to hear you encountered nonadherence issues as well. It’s possible for this to happen on the Form 2 as well as the Form 3. The fine tuning procedure linked above may be worth a try. In regards to mixing resins, we do not recommend this because each resin type has unique laser settings associated with it. A mixture of different resin types may not be able to cure properly.

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