Rafts Baked onto Platforms? 2 new Platforms have this issue


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I sent this to support but if there’s a finish issue with recent platforms I’m not sure I’ll get the straight scoop so I’m copying my ticket text here to see if anyone else has had this issue with new platforms.

Hello, our business recently purchased 2 machines: a refurb Form 2 to replace the Form 2 we had that failed and a Form 3 (new). With the Form 3 kit, I purchased the Model resin and could not get the parts off the platform. It was impossible. I thought the resin was bad and replaced it with Black since I’m very familiar with it being a non-picky resin. You sent me a new platform (thank you). Yesterday I was running a new part in both my my Form 2 and Form 3 at the same time (same model). I used the new platform you sent with my Form 2. This time the Black resin was baked onto the Form 2 new platform and cannot be removed. The print from the Form 3 was fine.

Did you do something different to the finish of the platforms? This is two new platforms in a row with different resins and different machines where the raft cannot be removed no matter what I try.

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On the Form 2 if you’re having difficulty removing parts you can try raising the platform slightly under Z-Offset Fine Tuning (scroll down on the page to “Correcting overcompression”). With some trial and error I was able to dial mine in so prints pop off quite easily.

Haven’t heart about finish issues but I haven’t bought a new platform in a long time.

You could also try reverting to a much older version of Preform to rule out any recent algorithm changes.


Thanks for the response!

No, everything is perfect with other prints on my old platforms. Parts pop right off. It’s just these two new platforms that have had the same issue on both of my machines (Form 2 and 3). Weird… concidence? I don’t know. I’ve never had this issue before in using the Form 2 for 3 years.


I’m waiting for FL to tell me to stop suggesting this, but I use a 6" “Insulation Knife” I bought at my local Home Depot. It’s a thin, stiff blade that can be worked under the edge of even the most recalcitrant print base. And once the blade is under the base, twisting it a bit is usually sufficient to get the print to come off completely. If not, remove the blade and rotate the platform and attack the base from another direction. Lather rinse repeat.

I started doing this with my Form2, which was bonding the bases to the platform so hard I had to break up prints to get them off, and then had to chisel shards off that remained stuck to the platform. My Form3 doesn’t do this, at least not yet, but I still use the knife. It works much better than the tool FL provides. The only downside is that you can seriously f*ck yourself up if you’re not super-super careful.


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