New raft floats my boat!

The new support structure base/raft works amazingly well. Thank you for the new feature!
I just printed a few parts in black using the latest PreForm.
The parts felt like they just slid off the build plate compared to how the older base would tend to shatter but also seemed to be welded to the build platform, requiring a lot of post print manual scraping. The latest part removal was so easy!

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I’m with you there. With the diags and the improved raft, part removal is a joy.

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Also loving the new raft.

I have even started modeling my own built in supports with rafts like theirs.

Same here! We all pile on when something is bad, so I wanted to throw a “me too” in on the compliment. I just printed my first parts since the update and removal was perfect.

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Guess I’m going to be the fly in the ointment. Not a fan of the new rafts. The supports are fine, but why the huge base? I was getting perfect results with the minimised raft. (I’m assuming we’re discussing preform on the form2? If not ignore my ramblings).

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