New supports are good - more tweaking is needed. Also VIDEOS!

So far I think the new support system is MUCH better than the previous version. I have mentioned this in the general discussion category without F L reply so here goes again.

The size of the new raft with the new supports just annoys me to no end. I don’t WANT such a massive raft! I don’t need such a massive raft! I can remove my items from the build plate without chopping off my left hand.

I really want a “minimize raft” option ASAP. I have a trash can full of blue chips that could have been other items, NOT trash. I am gobbling the castable material like a keg at a frat beer pong party. Good for F L bad for me! I can’t fit as many items in a print as well.

This needs to be fixed! How else can I say it? If others want the massive raft so be it. I don’t need it. Give me an option!

I also don’t learn well from reading written instructions. SHOW me and I can get it. The F L website is much better with video clips than some - like 3D SYSTEMS. I like the looping video clips. Just great. But really I want an at length video explaining advanced support controls and giving tips. If I can get better control on the supports I will hopefully throw out less material.

Help me out with these issues and I will be a very happy customer.


Thanks for the thoughts, Bill. I definitely hear you on an indepth look at supports and PreForm. Do you think a webinar would be useful for you? We’ve done some in the past, but are never quite sure how helpful they are.

As for the minimize raft option — the raft does much more than provide a platform from which to remove a print. There is some variation between build platforms, resin tanks, and printers, and the base is designed to accommodate those differences. If you think that you can get away with a thinner base, you might want to take a look at the fine tuning settings. Just a warning, though, playing with that can cause your prints to fail completely (non-adherence).


Compare the raft size from the just last version of PreForm to the current. The circumference footprint of the raft has grown at least 1/4"" around the outermost supports to make for raised removal triangles. In a game of millimeters everything counts. Cool for some that don’t mind it. I HATE it and don’t want it. That is all wasted material. Make the new supports as in the latest version with a minimize raft footprint option. I never had a print fail because the raft was too small. > Just give me the option is all I ask.

Webinars are for people that can watch them in the middle of the day. That is not me now. Further I have watched the how to NettFabb webinar, supposedly live every time and never recorded, 3 times now without audio. Why put it on YouTube with audio to watch at any time for the guy that just paid $1800.00 for it and wants to learn how to use it? What fun that was.

A YouTube HOW TO is what I need. How to tweak the supports using advanced options for less of them without risking failure, and any other tips you can throw in.