Quality expectations of the products we buy from Formlabs

Hi All

I would like to get the experience of other users in regards to quality of the products they have received from Formlabs (Printers, Vats, platforms and resins)

I don’t want to hear a peep from Formlabs because this is for them to read and learn from their customers what needs to be improved.

Here’s my experience so far,… whats you’re experience?( no rants, just details of what you received)
1st printer - laser or galvo died shortly after receipt.
2nd printer - heavily used refurb was received, cosmetic issues aside the refurb had defective spring loaded ball that didn’t hold the vat in place so inconsistent performance specially on small parts
3rd Printer - Paid the Upgraded to Form1+, received another heavily used refurb printer with the same issue on the spring loaded ball that holds the VAT in place, and this time the machine was filled with dust, lithium grease all over the inner frame and a big long hair obstructing the opening for the galvo.

Build platform
3 out of 3 build platforms I own, the seals between the aluminum and plastic is too small so quite a bit of resin seeps between the two layers.

Formlabs did offer to replace the printer, and one of the build platmorms but I didn’t want to waste any more of my time, but I’m curious if I’m the only one having so many quality issues?

Heré’s mine, based on yours:

1st (and only printer) - Laser issues, great support, sent it back and Formlabs replaced galvo’s large and small mirror as well as laser. After that, thorough cleaning and haven’t had a failure since (100% out of +/- 40 printers = 150 objects). Though failure mostly occurs by wrong positioning or support placement anyway.

Build platform
No issues what-so-ever. Probably done about 50 prints and still working fine.

Resin tanks
Well, we all know the issues here.

Printer All Form1+'s
1st printer: New. Essentially DOA. Kind of completed one print. Sent a new one ASAP.

2nd printer: Refurb, some cosmetic issues. Printed fantastic for several months, then started failing consistently. Sent me new mirror, had to drill and easy-out the chassis screws to get the case open. They sent new screws. New mirror in, and printing fine again for about 10 prints. Suddenly not anymore. I think it’s the laser, support makes me jump through hoops for 40 days. They send another mirror, no help. Finally replace with Form1 chassis (silver), as it’s all they had.

3rd printer: Form1 chassis, cosmetic issues, but printing exceptionally well. Best prints yet. (knocking very loudly on wood!)

Build platform
Still using one and only after a year of service. Some resin seeps into it, but it’s not a big deal. To get it to fit tightly on latest printer, I had to torque the screw so hard I thought it would snap. So far, working fine.

Resin tanks
Have 6, a couple were freebies sent to calm me down :smile:
Resurfaced a couple so far. Discarded one as it was severely cracked.

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