Proform 3.28.0 odd behavior

Hi all,

I had my printer stored away for the past few months. Took it out, updated the firmware and preform software. I think I was running Preform 3.19.0 before the upgrade.

Preform mostly appears to be working fine, except I can’t move or rotate objects. i.e. all the features of preform work except the active controls in the main box. I can left click and right click on anything (other than the move, rotate or scale bars decorating the model) and it works as expected.

I think what’s happening is the “sensitivity zone” for these actions has shrunk. It seems if I click forever on these things, in slightly different locations, occasionally I’ll get a “grab” but mostly I don’t.

Is anyone experiencing anything similar?

Hi @rybu,

This does seem unusual; I haven’t run into similar behavior before. If the same issue persists after restarting (or even reinstalling) PreForm, I would advise contacting our Support Team, ideally sharing a brief video demonstration of the behavior.