I have some Preform issues

When you turn the model upside down to mess with the placement of the supports and you TOUCH the mouse scrollwheel then the entire layout flips right way round. Your scrollwheel handling needs to be looked at.

I have to use my 3D Spacemouse to do this and tie my scrollwheel finger down with masking tape to stop myself from instinctively trying to zoom using the scrollwhell.

The Software DOES NOT see my Form2 when it starts up (EVER - on Ethernet). I have to enter the IP address every time. I will try it on WiFi and see what it does. Maybe the firewall blocks a port that the software uses to find the printer. I will turn the firewall off and see if that resolves the issue.

The new version of Preform (2.17.0) is a bit stupid. It tells me that I have to upgrade my firmware (which I already did) WHILE IT IS UNABLE TO SEE THE PRINTER. The software seems to think that a non-contactable printer needs new firmware. It doesn’t help you telling me that I must upgrade the firmware if Preform is unable to see the printer in the 1st place.

I love my printer and I love the software. It is just these little quirks that annoy me a bit.

Good work and you have my full support!