Accidental scaling anyone?

(Not sure which section to put this in, there doesn’t seem to be one for PreForm, so apologies if it’s int the wrong place)

Having just put two prints on overnight, one failed to complete whilst the other, still with a few issues, took 17 hours to print at 0.973 of the correct size…Arghhhh!

It hasn’t happened to me before, and I don’t know whether that little scale arrow next to the rotate/ move controller has always been there in previous ProForm versions, but whilst the rotate and move always show if you’ve messed up, accidentally touch the scale arrow and it just rescales everything but doesn’t warn you.

(I can’t see how to upload an image, but if you use PreForm, I think you will all see it top RHS of the control “globe” unless you’ve found the way to switch it off that I’m searching for.)

So, whilst I can imagine that 1 time in 1000 I might want to mess with the scale, the other 999 times I won’t.

Is there a way to switch that little scale control off. I can’t see any preferences to control it.

Otherwise, yes, I can try to remember that every time I use PreForm I need to double-check the “Size” (scale) menu before printing.

Am I the only one who has done this? Obviously wastes resin etc, so all good from FormLab’s end!

Thanks for any pointers.


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You are not alone! I got a call from a friend asking why his prints are coming out bigger than they should. I discovered he is accidentally clicking that little scale arrow when trying to move parts and assemble his build plate.

The scaling arrow should definitely be able to be toggled on/off to avoid this…or perhaps a warning asking if you meant to scale the model(s)? I honestly don’t know why anyone would want to scale their models in preform anyway…especially for those of us that depend on nearly 100% dimensional accuracy with printed models like jewelry design, etc…

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I totally concur. What are the use cases for model scaling, and what percentage of users use those regularly compared to the ones who want to move and rotate their model without the risk of inadvertently changing the size.
Totally mad UI design IMHO,
UX designer “Look, we can easily add this little arrow to change the size of the model the manipulator”
Management “Will it be clear that’s what it does?”
UX designer “No, but we can add it at no extra cost, and if someone uses it by accident, you get to sell them more resin”
Management “You’ve convinced me, add the little scale arrowy thingy, it won’t be clear what its for, but it looks techy cool, and we make more $”
UX Designer “It’s a doozy”.

And so it came to pass that the little scaley arrowy thingy that almost no-one uses deliberately (because how can you accurately guess any scale by click and drag), became embedded into the great PreForm UI.

Job done.


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