Stop the model from moving in preform

As much as I love this printer I think that real gem is Preform. It’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use. My one complaint is when you generate supports for a model and then click “Edit all” the model jumps up a little bit.

I use this for jewelry design so I’m dealing with incredibly fine detail. In order to get the best print/cast out of a model the support placement is crucial. But if I zoom in on an area to get the support just right and then hit “edit all” The model jumps up some so the point I was looking at is now off screen. So then I have to reposition my view to see what I was just looking at. Then once I get the support perfect and hit “apply support edits” to see how it will place the supports, the model drops back down so I then have to recenter my view on the same spot again.

It would save so much time if when I hit edit the model stayed put and the supports just disappeared like they do. Then the tiny little area I’m looking at would still be on screen. I hate to nit pick but I’m all about efficiency and this seems like an unnecessary friction point.

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Ignore my last post, I misunderstood your issue at first.

I had never noticed this issue before but now I see it every time…gee thanks :wink:

It’s cosmetic but I can see how it would be annoying.

Agreed 100% I was just having the same thought moments ago when working on manual supports.

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Yeah, it’s a small issue when you’re printing something a couple inches in size. But most of the things I deal with are about 20mm tall so it’s a jump of like 10-15% up. So when I’m trying to place a support point on a lip that’s about .2mm it’s inefficient to have to zoom, click edit, REPOSITION, place, click apply, REPOSITION, and the verifiy it’s how I want it. and since it’s usually not on the first try I do that process 2 or 3 times for each support I place.

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It’s good to know I’m not just nit picky. I’m curious if there’s an actual purpose for it though and if we could find another solution?

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It’s not the first time that this question has popped up. So at least you’re not alone :wink:

I have this same request. I have been printing buttons and zipper pulls as small as 6 x 15 mm. The jump makes it hard to correct non attached islands.

I also agree… Driving me crazy at the moment Doing a tire tread so I have to add a point at every zig and it jumps and I loose the spot I am trying to add a support… :slight_smile:

I have to reiterate my annoyance with this as well. I’ve been printing several smaller parts as of late and this bug is REALLY irritating!

I’ve made sure to forward this to our software team and we’ll look into it.

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Any update on this?