STOP "auto" scaling my parts!

I don’t want my parts scaled, I “cut them down” to fit perfectly in the build area.  If rotated correctly they fit fine.  Is PLEASE make is so I can have a preference if I want parts auto-scaled or not.  I have forgotten to rescale a couple times now, and have lost 2 days of production and 1/4 liter of resin.  A simple checkbox could have saved me this wasted TIME and money…

I’m sorry about that Mike – that’s a shame. Thanks for the suggestion, though – it may be useful to make the prompt alerting you that your part has been scaled to fit within the build platform more visible.

I haven’t run into this, but I think the feature would be better implemented as a Yes/No dialog.  Something like "Your model is too large to fit the build volume, would you like to scale by 0.xx to fit? " maybe with some warning about if you don’t scale.

I would prefer to drop the auto scale completely.

The manual scaling is really easy to use anyway but having an arbitary down scale function seems to have very limited real world use in any work where dimensions are important.

The only place I could see this being useful is where a model is grossly oversize eg 1000 mm instead of 100mm but that’s pretty obvious

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I’d like to see the autoscale dropped as well. I’ve also lost a lot of resin to incorrectly scaled parts, even after being made aware of the auto scale operation. I would much prefer the software to just warn me that the part may be too big and give me the option, as per Jonathan’s idea. I can see where autoscale may be useful, like if someone’s just trying to print a single part where scale doesn’t matter, but if multiple parts are required to create a single model and one or more parts aren’t scaled properly, then resin is wasted.

Additionally, I feel it would be nice if the software would highlight objects that are too big with a different color, something cautionary, like yellow or orange. Let us decide if the part is too big or not.

@Formlabs Why is this still an issue after all this time? Why would anyone ever want their stuff scaled behind their back? I just burned 7 hours printing something I ‘thought’ was scaled at 99% only to discover it was actually too small. Going back into Preform, and re-checking the scale, and it was @ 98%. I’m certain I set it to 99%. Can you confirm that this auto-scaling is still a ‘feature’? I’ve seen the scale shown to often be nowhere near whatever I’ve set it to. Oddly, it will generally print as I’ve set it, regardless of whatever it reports. The whole scaling infrastructure is totally buggy and weird.

Or, even better, let me compensate in an overall manner the incorrectness of the printed Z dimension in Fine Tuning where it belongs. Then I won’t have to dick around with the hackish scaling implementation at all…