Elastic 50 Resin - Are your parts coming out too large?

Hi all, We’ve been printing in Elastic 50 and have noticed that our parts are coming out just a little too large. Not just in the Z axis but all over. While we thought that the parts might be soaking up too much IPA or not drying enough prior to curing, this doesn’t look to be the case.
We were able to fix the problem by reducing the CAD files in size uniformly by 1.7% using the size function in PreForm.
All of our elastic parts have been around the same size so I can’t say for sure that the scale factor will hold up for a larger or smaller component.

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I haven’t experienced this but the last time I printed in Elastic was over a year ago.

It might be a change in Preform, or in the Elastic 50 mix.

Interesting. How did you firstly find the error and subsequently test for the 1.7%?
Did you use any kind of standardized object for testing?
I use primarily 50A and am curious about this also.

We had a build where we had three copies of a part that needed to interface with a rigid piece and all of them were just too tight. Up until then, the parts we printed which were somewhat irregular in shape performed well enough that the scale thing went unnoticed. Note that we hadn’t owned our Form3+ very long but we’ve been running Stratasys and 3DS hardware for years. When we went back to look at prior parts, we then measured them against the CAD and realized that the 1.7% factor was present in all of them. Since the adjustment, our parts are coming out as expected.

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@jakesclare fantastic, thank you for the info.

I just launched a print that has 2x Formtest, 1cm cube, 2cm cube. I’ll measure those when finished and let you know results.

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