Elastic Resin Print TOO BIG

I’m trying to print a gasket where the diameter should be 36mm but after I washing the gasket I noticed it was very much oversized and when I measured the diameter it was just shy of 40mm which makes it OVER 10% LARGER. Has anyone else seen this in their Elastic 50A prints? How do I correct this really huge oversizing? Is it a software issue?

I actually know I improperly washed it I only dropped the gasket in the basic IPA wash and I didn’t put it in the Form Cure but I’m not sure how that would shrink the gasket to the proper size. The gasket is pretty thin (0.5mm), would that be a factor in the oversizing? PLEASE HELP!!!

Thin parts in Elastic are prone to swelling during washing by absorbing IPA, and 0.5mm is really quite thin, making this part especially susceptible.

Things you can try:

  1. Wash it for a much much shorter time.
  2. Let it dry out for a long time before post-curing, and it may shrink as absorbed IPA evaporates out of it.
  3. While wearing gloves, hand wash it using as little IPA as possible.

I thought Formlabs had something in the finishing instructions specially about thin features, but I don’t see it, just a general warning not to leave Elastic parts in the was for too long.

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