Elastic Resin Prints 10% larger. in XY Direction on Form 2

Hi All,

I printed a thin 1.5mm Thick 52mm square object on my Form2 using the Elastic Material. I am wondering if the software does a ~10% increase in XY Dimensions to allow for shrinkage. My part printed about 10 mm larger than what I was expecting in the XY direction. Maybe after a proper curing it will shrink by 10%. Is this the expected behavior for the Elastic Material?

Maybe I scaled the part unintentionally in preform. Will try another print soon.


Elastic isn’t intended for as high dimensional accuracy as other Formlabs resins, but a 10% difference seems farther off than I’d expect.

Did you print it right on the build platform, or on supports, and did you measure it before or after washing and post-curing?

Also, note that thin parts (1.5mm thick probably counts) may be more subject to swelling when they’re soaked in IPA, so you might want to wash a part like that for a shorter amount of time.

It was printed on the build platform. Initial measurement was after washing and post curing. The print was measured again after two days and now the expansion went down to 4% instead of 10%. I assume the percentage expansion is also affected by the dimensions of my part. Perhaps if my part was twice the size in XY, the percentages would be half of what I am measuring now. I printed myself a mold using clear v4 and went back to resin injection casting, which, although not perfect, gives me better accuracy. Thanks for your response.


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