I just might have - ahem - accidentally - made a good part!

It seems as if I have a possible good, or at least significantly better part in my 10 minute soak now. Finally some encouragement.

I will post photos later. Going to bed now.

Also if some of you use Solidworks to make your items like I do, and you were having some scaling (size) issues I will have a post for that sometime this week. THAT was another issue I was dealing with.


Do you have size export issues as obj filles too? PreForm does import both well.

You can also scale the model in PreForm. I do that with anything made in 3dCoat since it isn’t precise when exporting.

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I have not used the obj format. In the 20ish file options in Soldiworks obj is not 1 of them. I have no interest in generstng files in other programs.


Was just curious if it is an I/O bug in Solidworks with that particular format.

In any case you should be able to resize the model in PreForm.

I think the issue might have been my old XP tower running Solidworks 2008. Once I started using my WIN7 Pro tower and SW 2012 the sizing issues have not been a problem.