SOLVED Grey Pro, completely wrong dimensions... problem was not real

Hi all,
I tried a large print with Grey Pro resin. At the end of the work it seemed all ok, but when I checked the dimensions , I measured from 3 to 5 mm less than 3d model…!
I washed in IPA for 15 minutes and postcured with support on .
I attached some images of the piece.

Please, does anyone experienced this kind of macroscopic shrinkage?..

Thank You very much

Did it ask you to repair the file upon adding it?

well yes, but after having repaired, the model dimensions in preform were correct…also, i tried to repair mesh before importing into Preform… domensions are always correct both in the first repaired and the second one.

SORRY ALL… i was terribly wrong… so please don’t consider thi post any more… sorry , really… if i could , i’ll cancel this post…