First Print With Grey Pro Resin

We ran our first print with Grey Pro Resin yesterday, which we were really excited about. We’ve been anticipating it for a while due the the brittleness of the standard grey, and the fact that a sample part we received made from grey pro seemed to be much stronger when trying to break.

We make tools, and most of our prints require multiple parts to be assembled together. The standard grey generally works really well for this, aside from the brittleness. Well, we have the parts from our first print, and are having a much more difficult time assembling them than the standard grey. The dimensional accuracy is definitely further off (mostly holes shrinking more), and the parts seem to stick to each other more than the standard grey, which makes moving mechanisms challenging. It’s been frustrating, as we’ve been filing and sanding all morning to try and make things work.

We’ll continue to play around with it, but I have an order in for 2 more grey pro’s, but considering changing those to 2 regular grey’s.

Anyone else printing with Grey Pro yet?

I printed last night with the Grey Pro, and I absolutely love it as compared to the standard Grey. I’m making small scale models and miniatures, so my main concern is fragility. The Grey v4 was giving me all sorts of trouble with small parts breaking off, but the new Pro has so far had none of those issues.

I did run into one issue with assembly similar to what you described. I printed an 8mm long scale model of a tank and found that the turret did not fit quite right, which never before happened with the standard grey. I’ll keep printing and see if this is an issue we keep having.

Hello there! We’re sorry to hear you’ve been having some trouble with our Grey Pro resin! That’s definitely not the results we want to see!

Can you tell me, after having used Grey Pro if you’ve gone back to our standard Grey resin, and are those prints still coming out consistently better?

Yes, we’ve done a few more prints with the standard Grey and it still has better precision and fit with assemblies than our print with the Grey Pro. We haven’t had a chance to try more prints with the Grey Pro yet.

Hi Everybody

We’ve the same problems:
Grey Pro seems to have a shrinkage that is not calculated when creating the print data.
We observed, that the size dimensions are good before the curing process, after post processing the parts get smaller.

We’re using the form2 for functional models - we’re looking absolutely for a material with the standard grey dimensional precision AND the increased robustness of the Grey Pro.

Will there be a software update soon? I wonder to go back to the standard material again.

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