Grey vs Grey Pro detail comparison

Hey all! I’m a prop builder. I’ve been using Grey resin a lot to create a master model which I can then mold and cast to make many copies. Unfortunately, regular Grey resin is too brittle to be handled as a final part (actors are one of the most destructive forces on earth. After hurricanes.)

So I was pretty excited to see Grey Pro offers better handling properties and increased durability. However, I’m worried that there will be a quality trade off–regular Grey just gives those beautiful, crisp details, and if I lose that, it’s kind of a moot point since I’ll have to mold and sand anyway.

Does anyone have a comparison of Grey Vs Grey Pro with regards to detail? Maybe a figuring, same file printed in both?


We’ve found the standard grey to print to better tolerances and a cleaner finish. HOWEVER, I think this may be due to the fact that we almost exclusively print at a .025 resolution with standard grey, and the highest resolution for grey pro is .05. If you print at .025 with standard grey, you will see some drop off. If you print at .05 normally, someone else will hopefully weigh in.

I do mechanical engineering stuff but i think I can still weight in : I’ve been toying with intricate small holes (Ø<1mm) and Std Grey is much better at resolving them than Grey Pro is i.e. most of the Grey Pro prints are filled with resin while the holes in the Std Grey prints are clean all the way through.

As for mechanical properties, I haven’t done any formal testing and was pretty skeptical when seeing Grey Pro’s spec sheet as it didn’t seem any different in regard to brittleness. So far I couldn’t afford to do any drop tests but while Grey Pro does seem to be a bit more resistant to impact or compression stresses (I have “dissected” some of these parts to see where the holes were blocked or if they were clean, and it seemed much more difficult to crack open the Grey Pro ones).

Still, even if Grey Pro may be a bit more resistant, it doesn’t seem to resolve as much details and will in any case be far too brittle for “real world” use especially in your scenario. Even Tough can be quite brittle sometimes and Durable is probably not rigid/precise enough for you. Casting is still the way to go IMHO.

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