What is the bets resin for D&D miniatures

i feel like the normal resin break to easy idk if i should get tough, grey pro, flexible, modeling, or something i didn’t even list would do better

Flexible may be too rubbery; it isn’t the best for fine detail.

Tough is a lot more resilient than Standard resin, and is usually a good next step if you find Standard too brittle. But if you really want them to stand up to abuse, and don’t have too many fine details, try Durable. I’ve heard of prints in Durable surviving drops onto the floor (just don’t set your expectations too high - all resins are destructible).

If you’re using a Form 2, I also really like the feel and weight of Rigid resin (although it’s more brittle and likely won’t stand up to drops as well as Tough or Durable).

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I think Grey Pro is definitely the way to go personally! Strong, looks good, and still relatively easy to paint. :slight_smile:

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It might also make sense to make molds, and cast out of a low-temperature melting metal.

To cast miniatures in pewter (or any soft metal) and preserve anything of the details, you would then need to invest in a spin-casting setup. Gravity-casting minis gives horrible results if you’re aiming for sharp details.

I’ve printed minis in GP and, while it’s not too bad, I might go with dental model, or durable, for a miniature. Only problem is that they warp thin details easily, so guns and swords might come out wonky… but at least they wouldn’t shatter if you dropped them on the floor or a hard counter.§

Tough is my favorite resin. I have not used gray Pro but I am looking forward to trying it tomorrow when my new form 3 resin tray shows up. I’m excited that we can now use all the resins in the form 3.

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any news form this?

I find the Gray Pro resin to be very brittle when compared with tough. I suppose that’s no surprise as it is supposed to be harder.

It is more brittle, but less so that regular grey. Grey Pro gets very strong when in thicknesses above 3mm. A bar printed in 4-5mm thick, 3cm wide is VERY hard to snap with your hands.

The problem with Tough is the low glass point, (it goes soft under warm tap water!) and that it deforms by its own weight over time. It also warps a lot during printing, so I wouldn’t use it for printing bases or longer items. Maybe a 28mm mini is light enough that it will not deform over time. For hings like 28mm scale buildings and terrain, I would use Grey Pro over tough.

I really wish they would introduce something that was in-between Tough and Grey pro. More durability against shocks, with a more stable structure over time.