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Looking for the best resin for my application

I’ve been using Model resin for this print, however it’s not turning out as good as I’d hoped and I’m wondering if I should be using a different resin.

My criteria are as follows:

  • 50 microns.
  • Smoothest surfaces and acceptable fine details.
  • Resistance to deformation during print.

Please let me know what you think would work best. I can provide the print file if someone would like to test with White or Grey resin.

Grey Pro is usually great for those type of models.
Rigid 4000 is the best for getting rid of support marks but it doesn’t fill your fine details criteria.
You can also try Model resin. I personally prefer that to any of the standard resins but it’s not a huge noticeable difference.

I see Grey Pro seems to have very smooth surfaces. Does it do well with small details, like those on the model?

Yes, it does. I use it when I need the parts to be a bit more durable but also show every single detail. Think of it as a better version of Grey. The color is a different shade of grey but it’s more resistant and smooth.

OK, I’ll try Grey Pro as per your recommendation and experience between that and Model resin. I hope it works out.

What does this model look like when it’s painted?

Hi @hoontee,

As @Eks mentioned, Grey Pro is a great choice for parts that require clean, small details and smooth surfaces. You can also use our material selector to find the best material for your particular needs!

How brittle is GreyPro compared with standard resins?

Less brittle and harder to break. For some reason I’m having more luck with that one than with Tough resins especially in longevity but that may just be my case.

  • Surface quality for Grey Pro turned out completely identical to Model resin.
  • Small details shatter at about the same force when bent compared to Model resin.
  • Noticeably less deformation on the smaller ladders, at the very least!

Beta setting issues:

  • Edges on top appear thick, giving small details a nasty profile.
  • The hoops on top sealed due to the thickened edges.

The Beta setting ruins edges by making them thicker. Can this be improved?

Updated my opinions in the previous post since the non-Beta setting prints correctly.

We use the regular Grey. Your surface quality is due to the lack of supports. Try filling up the lower edge with tiny supports and your separation lines will reduce.

I added more supports to the ceiling of the model and the separation lines disappeared. Thanks for the tip!

Hello hoontee,
You and I have the same needs from the printer. I am using Standard Gray v4 resin. If you want, you can see the results here: F-16D Toon and Form3