OK, Which Form 2 Resin is best for very small details?

I’m set to upgrade to the Form 2 this week. But first I need to decide on which color resin I want to use.

On my Form 1+ I’ve been using only Grey and have had pretty good results on fine details. I don’t do statues or large items but most all my work is done in scales of 1:87 and 1:48 which are HO and O scales in model railroading. I really am looking to retain fine details. I’ve done some items such as manhole covers with all the details and those turned out real good. I’ve also done a human figure at 1:87, 1:64 and 1:48 scales with all detail showing including fingers. But from what I’ve seen it looks like the resin for the Form 2 is a bit different and thus the reason for my question.

I will only use one color and it doesn’t matter as long as I get fine details as these pieces are generally used as masters to make molds to do resin casting. I’ll print upwards of 20 or so pieces to make a single mold for production. What’s your suggestions.

I make O-scale models, l like white and grey.

The new Grey V3 Resin has the highest feature resolution of any of our materials. It has a matte finish which is a bit different from our other materials and helps to improve feature resoluition.

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After printing with Gray V3 last night for the first time, I have to agree with @Frew. Gray V3 really is nice. .05mm Z height and I can barely see the layer lines.

Ordered the machine yesterday with the Grey. Not sure if it’s V3 but suspect it is. As everything was in stock I hope they ship it yet this week but we’ll see. :smile: