Best resin for fine detail work

Hey people. Which resin do you guys think can get the sharpest edges (no, I’m not thinking of printing a knife). I print 1:56 scale models and need sharp edges for the details to be noticeable.

I figured it would be the clear, since there’s less light bleed and interference from the pigment, but I’m not so sure. I think it can also be the black one, since it’s the one with less energy transmission.

What do you guys think?

go for black

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I have heard that you should go for black as well, but I always wondered if clear would be better

According to several well known people in the entertainment industry, once you try black, you never go back.

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The color of the resin is only for visual purposes. Clear resin has the least maintenace where pigments don’ t settle out. I used to use grey and had used black and have more consistent prints with the clear. and am able to hold 3pt text on my models without any problems.

You can always paint the model to what ever color.

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What kind of paint do you guys use to paint this kind of resin?

I was thinking on buying Tamiya or similar. Anyone here with experience using these paints?

I have used Testors acrylic hobby paint and it seems to stick pretty well and is easy to clean up. Don’t think there is a need for any heavy solvent based paints on this.

Normal airbrush acrylics and inks are fine.

Great. Thanks for the tips

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