What is your favorite color resin for the Form1+?

I’ve been printing in the Form1+ successfully but using only Clear resin so far. I’m really wanting to order Grey next but have heard others mention that they don’t get the same quality and reliability with it. I’ve read that Black might give the best details, but a friend of mine said he had problems with it being more prone to separation and discoloration of the PDMS layer.

So what’s been everyone else’s experience with the Grey and Black (v02)?

I’ve had very good luck and detail with the gray.

My best results have been with Clear and White, Gray has not worked at all for me, I have not tried black
The jury is still out for tough ( cannot tell the difference compared to regular)
My $0.02: I am sticking with Clear

I’ve found tough to be a bit less detailed than gray.

I’ve printed just fine on clear, gray, and black

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