Can we please turn off the auto thread lock here?

There are so many threads that have interesting and relevant questions, but no answers, and nobody with the answer can reply in the future, because the thread is locked. It makes no sense to have a thread auto-lock based on inactivity. It’s just ensuring that there can never be an answer to an existing question.

inb4 “well just start a new topic”, because that makes unnecessary duplicate topics when a relevant thread was already there, but locked. And that creates a barrier to entry for anyone searching for an answer via Google etc, having to register here.

(the view of the Form 1/1+ “community” being auto-locked to death)

Pls stahp doing that.

Relevant to Form 1/1+ because this poor printer has so few users now, its threads get auto-locked and shut down discussions that would otherwise have a trickle of conversation going.

Also relevant to many more threads elsewhere, where, for example, the Form 2’s painfully bad cartridge sensor gives these “cartridge removed” issues… every one of them has a chorus of people, then silence, as the thread is auto-locked without sensible reason. Removed/Missing Cartridge Error with newer cartridges - #31 by thalassa (and many others…) I wonder if FL looks at usage statistics and thinks that people running in “open mode” are using 3rd party resins, vs just mitigating this “cartridge removed” issue. Or if they actually look at cumulative event logs, noticing that so many of them have random “removed/inserted” events in middle of prints…

also Are there any other OpenFL material INI files? as I desperately try to find any resources for OpenFL .ini files that people perhaps have created and curated over the days since Formlabs (perhaps appropriately) washed their hands of the Form 1+ and made OpenFL to give us the tools to independently maintain it… we can’t really assemble much of a community if the threads keep getting auto-locked before anyone can answer.

And then there are weird outliers like this one - Grey vs Grey Pro detail comparison - #3 by JohnHue - where again I found the thread via a Google for a specific question, and the thread sits there unlocked since '18. There’s no consistency in how the inactivity thread lock is applied.


How else will Formlabs suppress undesirable issues revolving their printers and force to the top their most recent offering? lol I really wish they would turn off the autolock as well, best of luck.

Required bump with 1 day before auto-lock.


The evil auto-lock is still around.

Hey there!

No evil conspiracy to be found, 7 days is just the default amount in the Discourse platform which we haven’t messed with.

No guarantees any changes will stick around forever, but especially on the 1+ Forum I’m happy to bump it up.

I’m also going through and re-opening a couple of the most recent locked threads in this section.

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You have made my Monday. :grin: Such a beautiful sight to see! Thanks!!

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bump because openFL was awesome. It really didnt get the attention it deserved.

I got alot of questions asking me about how I was able to print without the tilt.
-it wasn’t perfect, it isnt ideal but it was done…yes , it was done. they said it couldnt be so…
openfl was some really fun stuff. but the new form 3 uses low pressure in its peeling now so ;/

It was nothing more than knowing a little about html, understanding how lazers focus and just trial and error.

There was even at one point, people using handheld blue lazers from ebay, and timing cure times of different resins at one point to get closer to completing custom inis , instead of so much trial and error in the actual machine…

let the threads live. hear, hear.

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