Why are there no videos on Using OpenFL on the Form1?

Really no reason for that. It’s very simple, you just choose Open Mode on the touch screen and when you chose that printer in Preform it will tell you it’s in open mode. When you start running the job the touch screen will say it’s in Open mode and that the wiper and heater are turned off and you will have to pause and add resin every 100 milliliters of use.

FL won’t post on that because Open Mode is used for 3rd party resins and they want to sell you theirs. I would to if I was FormLabs but I’m not so I use ALW resin at half the cost.

@Walter_Gillespie you’re talking about the form 2. OpenFL is for the form 1 and form 1+ :wink:

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Yep like Master @fantasy2 said

I’m talking about F1 F1+

Closest thing I saw using this open source gem was a crappy show of of a form “singging to a music” and this awsome space wars game on hackaday that basically destroyed the form as a printer https://hackaday.com/tag/form-1/

That’s all fun and dandy but I am looking more into stuff like the ones Formlabs showcased in their release. Making PCBS Uv Paper art or special use of motion code to add stuff to print like in here and more stuff like this OpenFL: an API for the Form 1 / 1+

And videos on how to use the Python scripts and talk to the machine via Serial, maybe even create a ESP-12 parasite that controls a temperature heater and reports on time and allows for retarting prints from files without having to have the machine thethered to a PC for that

I guess current Form1 users are just not tech inclined does make sense … :frowning:

maybe in a couple of years when the form1s starts being bought by hackerspaces and power users :slight_smile: