OpenFL should be released for all forms

I think openFl really opens this printer to a world of tinkering and programming, without it im not sure if i would like my form 1… And not seeing it released for the form 2 is sort of offputting.

I know buying formlabs resin supports the company , but you can also open up the doors to more people who see that if need be and capable are able to program the printer settings on their own. the peopoly is basically open to all, I think if possible every form should be released with an openFL ability. It can only help build the community.\

Which formlabs seems to have a solid and able community behind it, opening it up for more people to tinker I think would be a good idea… A strong communiity who can openly share resin profile could only help aid the form printer. Community and support plays a big role and would only draw more people into 3d printing knowing they have good support.


I totally agree!

So far, we use our Form2 only for prototyping and casting of small components. OpenFL would give me/our company the opportunity to do experimental new things WITH Formlabs resins and filler materials.
We had very specific plans on printing a whole series of ready-to-use products - but the limitations of the existing resin profiles prevent us from creating a stable production setup.

I can understand Formlabs to a certain point. Compared to other printers, the Form 2 is very cheap. I can imagine that they need the income from the (not so cheap) consumables in order to finance the development/support/future developments. OpenFL for the Form2 could mean a significant drop in this area - while increasing support cost for users who drive the experimental work too far.

Still: I hope that Formlabs sees the potential of new markets and use cases that would open up. And again: There are also those people who need OpenFL to do new stuff WITH Formlabs resins.


I realize Form 2 also did that, but its clear with the backlash from not supporting it out the gate on the 2 that people would be pissed again if they did the same thing, im sure they hoped they could sweep the issue under the rug like they tried with the Form2. I dont truly understand did they really juust not support open in an hope to keep there resin monopoly on cloud 9 for the Form3?

I’d really love to see OpenFL for the Form 2. That’s one of the main reasons I tried so hard to breathe life back into my dead Form 1+. There are some neat, experimental projects I have in mind.

Same do I…waiting for the OpenFL for Form2. We have plenty of topics to test on the great Form2 but without an OpenFL this projects have to be postponed with a :frowning: frowning.

OpenFL for Form2 would be amazing, so many projects we could work on there. Many of which would need more hardware and materials from FormLabs, so seems like it could be a business win for them if they have the resources to make it happen.