OpenFL release date for Form 2?


Now that the Form 2 has an official “sunset” date, can Formlabs give any hint if and when OpenFL might be released for it?

Been about a year since this was last requested in the forums.


I definitely agree,
it would be great to have the opportunity to work on Form2 with custom settings!
Can please Formlabs give some information about when this will be possible?

Thanks in advice


They are still going support the Form 2 for the coming two years so I guess it will take at least 2 years before they do that.

The form 2 is still working for us even now that we have the form 3 I guess there would be no reason for formlabs to release an openfl for the form 2 until it really is obsolete.


Give the opportunity to thusands of customers to do experiments with their Form2 seems a very good reason to me!
Btw, probably this is not the will of the company and you are right…


wait @Mattia so im interested in a Form3 but i didnt realize this was an issue…holy cow ok thanks for opening my eyes to this issue