Prints don't match scale of 3D model


I received the printer before Xmas and had a quick play with it, worked fine out the box in growing a stags head. Now in the new year back at work im starting to use it more and noticing that the scale of the model is not matching the 3D model on my screen, I decided to grow a 20 x 20 x 20 mm cube to see the size difference from 3D model to actual 3D peice and one side is out my a fair amount. As seen in the photos below:

I know it doesn’t look much but its enough to cause problems in my line of work, i could compensate if it was equal but because its not building square I’m unable to compensate. Its as if the file has been compressed when its been sent to the from1.

Also the clear resin doesn’t seem to make crisp sharp edges  is this a problem with the resin are other people experiencing this? If i change to grey will that be a better crisper resin?




I recommend you send a support ticket into us at so we can do some tests.

Tolerances can definitely worsen if you are printing things flat against the aluminum build platform with no supports, but if this is a degenerative problem there could be something else going on.

Either way, our support staff will make sure you are taken care of!