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Print outcome bigger than model

Hi there,

Is there any tool available to calibrate the printer, so the model will be closer to what it was designed? I printed the same model twice, using different angles and in both outcomes it came out bigger than computer model.
One print is ‘taller’ by 0.5mm and the other by 0.6mm
I used 50microns resolution.
This discrepancy in sizes can be a problem when making parts which should fit together.

Hi, How was it oriented?

I noticed the same in Grey V4 Beta 50 micron. Since yesterday both Grey and Clear are default. I ended up printing the part at a factor of 0.995.

I used two different settings to find if this will make any difference.
The oversize happens in Y dimension. All other are correct. Therefore I can’t use scale down factor, because it will change all dimensions.

This is not cool. I agree if you build something to fit together there will be an obvious problem.

Well FL will say you didn’t angle that part enough. :upside_down_face:

I just printed something that came out in Grey v4 that was dimensionally correct.

I guess i’m getting lucky?


Beta just became default. I haven’t managed to check it yet but would be great if solved.

It might depend on geometries as well.

LOL, FL is saying, that the angle of the part is having an impact on the build resolution?
I am booking my training. They won’t have easy one with me :slight_smile:

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I am still finding it better to angle the parts on the build plate even though they say with the 3L you don’t absolutely have to. Last print came out flawless angling it back at a 45. Thing is it takes more resin and in the end it takes up more of the build volume. But the finish is fantastic.

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