Part accuracy and tolerances on F3

Hey all,

I haven’t had much time to test the accuracy and tolerances of the Form 3. However, one of my clients came back to me and saw an overall width discrepancy of up to 1mm. I’ll have to do some testing myself for a more thorough analysis, but just wondering how tolerances are holding up for others here…and whether the F3 is worse or better at holding these than the F2?

You should ALWAYS calibrate your machine when you get it. Don’t expect it to be spot on . You need to do a test prints of known size and adjust your X & Y values until you get close to what your object size should be.
Fun fact… tolerances will change slightly with different resins. (so pick the resin you print with the most and calibrate to that.)

I did do a test on my Form 2 and it was within spec and didn’t require XY fine tuning. I (perhaps foolishly) assumed the Form 3 would be either the same or better.

Also, I don’t think the Form 3 even has XYZ tuning parameters…so this would have to be done outside of Preform since Preform can’t scale models non-uniformly.

@leonhart88 I saw this post the other day, was loaded with a well documented comparison of print quality on the Form 2 verses the Form 3. There are some dimensional results there too, excellent post if you haven’t already read it.


Yes I’ve read that but thanks again for pointing it out. I hadn’t looked at the dimensions in that thread, mostly the surface artifacts.

A colleague of mine is consistently seeing parts over size by 0.4% on both my printer and his across various parts.

I’ll be doing some more testing as well, but parts on the Form 2 have thus far been bang on. There also isn’t a way to fine tune XY on the Form 3 like on the Form 2.

0.4% may not sound like much, but for larger dimensions this can be more significant.

I am very glad we decided to hold off on getting the form 3. So many issues!
We need our parts to be as accurate as possible and to not allow the user the ability to fine tune the machine they paid for is ridiculous.