Printing marks in Z axis after continue printing without enough resin in cartridge

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We have experimented that after the warning box that appears when is not enough resin to continue printing and accepting printing only with the resin in the tank, always appear the marks shown in attached pictures.

The reason is that we do not understand why it happens. This problem can be frustating in some models that are not posible to sand.

Do you have any idea if this is a bug or something fixable?.

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Are you using open mode?

If not, just make sure your cartridge isn’t empty when you start a print. If should give you a warning before you start printing.

We only use official formlabs resins, in fact the used one is Grey V3.

The mark only appears when the printing is interrupted, if not, there is no problem.

Sometimes new cartridges are in shipping process and we need to use the resin left (sometimes only the aprox 200ml in the tank and sometimes tank + a litte bit in the cartridge).

We have two Form 2 and the problem appears in both of them

I wouldn’t say it is a bug but I am almost certain that this is the same line that will develop in a Form 1 series printer as well when one has to stop the print and add resin.

I have gotten around it by adding resin while printing on my Form 1+. I don’t let the printing process pause. A magnet and proper safety eyewear do the trick. With the Form 2 being “smarter” it is going to pause. I do not know how to get around it. Hopefully someone who has a Form 2 has figured out a way around this.

Maybe if you use most of the resin in a cartridge and then swap it out with a new one that you top off with the remaining resin. You would have to be sure there is more than enough resin in the cartridge before you start. I know FL doesn’t recommend this but the small amount you pour in might be ok.

Maybe FL could add an override that you check off before the print starts that ignores any and all errors (other than wiper or motor stalls) until the print finishes and then the printer goes back into normal mode.

Here’s how I avoid the pauses.

Use a graduated beaker to measure how much is left in the cartridge. If there isn’t enough resin you can either use a new one or add a bit from another used cartridge. From my experience adding about 250mL to a cartridge didn’t have any issues.

You want to have at least 50mL more than is required for the print (the volume shown in preform).

When you dump the resin out to measure it’s also a good time to strain it when you add it back in (paint strainer and a funnel).

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