Printing issues, it is saying that my printer is connected but not detected

The button that u hit to print “FORM” is non responsive with a circle and line through it.

Help, I want to start printing

Does the printer turn on?

Thanks for opening up a ticket, Sergio! We’ll follow-up with you there.

I have the same problem.  It looks for the drivers when I connect and it finds nothing.

I should clarify.  Windows goes online to find some sort of driver name, but doesn’t have the actual driver and can’t install anything it doesn’t have.  It says insert the disk.

I have the same problem. Going to try and re-install the software now.

Anybody ever figure this out?? I got the printer to work on another computer but my original PC still couldn’t connect and Customer Service hasn’t figured it out yet.

Hi David, Sergio and Dirk,

if connecting the printer asks you to install a driver, and searching for it automatically (not online) doesn’t find the “Form1” driver, you can navigate to the installation directory of PreForm, and look for the driver in the folder usb_driver which should have been created during installation. Normally the drivers are recognized automatically, but this allows you to do it all manually. Also, if your computer has trouble recognizing the printer, it may be related to a USB 3.0 port. USB 3 support is supported only by windows 8, with older versions relying on manufacturer drivers. We had issues with older renesas USB drivers, but an update from their website helped with USB 3.0 ports. Let support know if you have trouble, we are happy to help.

Regards, Manuel

Cannot get the form button .  Sometimes it is there when I reboot the computer, but now after installing the latest software, no Form button available.

Also, got a strange no materials error  but ok after I uninstalled and re installed software

Hi Stuart,

an issue we encounter from time to time on windows (up to windows 7) is a bug in vendor drivers for USB 3.0 . If you have a renesas USB 3.0 controller, make sure to update to their latest drivers (2.1.39) which can be downloaded here: (sorry that page is slightly overloaded with ads). This will help PreForm recognize the printer.

If your windows can’t recognize the drivers or find a corresponding driver file, the installer leaves all the drivers in the PreForm directory, where you can select them and install them by hand (from the “New hardware recognized…” wizard).

I hope that helps! Don’t hesitate to contact support if you have trouble getting your computer to recognize the Form1.

Regards, Manuel