Printing detail not exactly perfect

Hello! Im new to 3d printing and Im using my Form2 for miniatures and scale models mostly. Fact is Im very happy with results so far, but I still have munch to learn. Ok so, Im printing a piece with similar detail all around, but the zone closest to the building scaffold loses almost every fine detail involved, Im uploading an image so you get the idea. I knew closest surface to the building platform got slightly squashed, now my question is, why does this happen? Should I avoid detailed zones to be scaffolded? If it was resolution issue, top part of the leg should look equal to the back, but it looks just perfect. Im using Gray v3, at 0.5 microns

It looks like an optical issue.

The V3 resins need a perfectly clean optical way, so check if the optical window is dusty and/or the tank is cloudy.

How to clean the window:

OK! I will check that as soon as I arrive home, thanks! Its my first cartdidge so far, it shouldnt be very dusty… yet

You should consider changing the part orientation. Details will not come out if they’re covered by support marks. Assuming this leg is part of a larger character print, try splitting above the pant cuff and then printing so the thigh is mostly vertical. You should be able to print without supports touching anywhere on the ‘filigree.’ In my experience, fine details like that come out better vertically anyway, provided they are short enough to not sag when printing. Good luck!

The underside of a print will always have some extra material cured on there due to the laser curing a bit further than the current layer being printed (so essentially the laser is going through the bottom of the print) it’s particularly bad around supports since the resin will accumulate around the supports more easily. For detailed stuff it’s important to orient things so that the supports are on areas that you can sand easily without destroying detail.

Can you upload your .form file or a screenshot of the orientation used for this? Printing parts parallel to the platform with supports can result in a loss of detail and our video on part orientation might be helpful for general recommendations.

Hi there, I’ve reprinted those pieces taking into account your tips and here are the results:
Orientation on the left copy was done with the top leg mostly 45 degrees to the build platform, the heel touching the surface, while the one to the right was printed with the detail of the stockings perpendicular to the surface while the boot tip was now the one touching the surface. As you can see, detail is outstanding, but I got some parallel vibrational lines instead, I think it might be because some suction effect because of the hollow interior. So, just to have things clear, most detailed part should be facing outwards to the build platform surface and avoid adding supports directly onto it, right?

This does look to be a matter of support placement and orientation as that second piece you printed looks to have come out well aside from those striations. ‘Cupping’ could very well be causing those and we recommend vent holes placed below any hollow cavities to avoid that effect.

The 45 degree rotation you’re using sounds great. I’d orient this such that the thigh and the lower leg both meet the knee at a 45 degree angle which sounds to be what you’re doing. Let me know if venting this corrects those striations for you!

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