Bottom more crisp than the top

I managed that printer is having different level of detail on top of the print than on the bottom. So bottom side (faced towards film/laser) is much more crisp than the platform side. What could be the reason for that? I’m assuming this is because laser light is bouncing from the plate and it cures a tiny bit more resin from platform side. Is this the real case? or theres some walk around for it?
I’m printing micro scale figures (1/350 and 1/700 scale) and placement of the model is forced by it’s pose so I can’t just rotate the model.
I found it annoying in some cases, now I just try to remember about it when I’m preparing models for print.

The top side of the print is repeatedly dunked in the resin as each new layer is printed. Anything that’s already printed, that has uncured resin on top of it, will cure a little bit as the laser shines through from below. And the supports create little “pucker” marks where they contact the print. You can fix this by orienting the model at 45º instead of orienting it “flat” like you would with a FDM print.

Unfortunately I can’t change the orientation :slight_smile: because I’m printing extremely small figures 1/350 and 1/700, the bigger one is 5mm tall standing. This stuff is for modelers who have to have as little as possible supports to remove. And it’s in most cases more important to also have maximum flat bottom of the feet.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

Have you tried printing directly on the build plate?

Figures are 5mm height :slight_smile: So it might be difficult but anyway I’m selling them so I print sets and I’m using my own raft/frame designs as well as the supports (figures are too tiny for PreForm to handle the supports. It seems its just a technical limitation so theres nothing possible to change it. Im happy with the prints anyway, they just could be slightly better, in this scale the difference is more noticeable than in bigger ones.


I’m sorry that you’re having issues with these prints! As @Randy_Cohen mentioned, the best way to mitigate this issue is to print at an angle—45 degrees tends to work best. PreForm supports are designed to work with models of all sizes, so if you’re worried about support marks, try reducing the “Touchpoint Size” setting. This will make the supports easier to remove and will leave a much less noticeable mark. However, we can’t guarantee that your part will print successfully.

In addition, the newest version of PreForm offers beta settings for many standard resins. I’d recommend trying them out to see if they improve your prints! Included in these beta settings are new “single-layer touchtips” which leave behind smaller support nubs. These should greatly improve your results with such small parts! For more details, be sure to check out this blog post.