Printing Conditions for Rigid 4000


I’m using a Form 2 printer for my thesis project and I came across few obstacles and I’m wondering if anyone could help me.

I trying to figure out few printing parameters to validate my print for Rigid 4000 and the parameters are as follow:
What is the laser energy and motion rate required to cure a certain thickness of rigid 4000? I could not find any information how the printer adjust it’s parameters based on the resin. I’m sure printing parameters for rigid 4000 is not the same as a plastic resin for any other kind.
What is the motion rate of the build plate?
What is the laser off time between each layer? laser goes off for a certain period of time after completing one layer and it would be helpful to know what that is.

Finally, can any of these parameters be manipulated or changed?
Any help is highly appreciate it.

Thank you!

Hello @Hasanaburumi ,

Thank you for your questions regarding Rigid 4000; unfortunately, I believe that most of that information is considered proprietary and not something that is shared. However, you can check out our page for Rigid 4000 which has some information as well as the Technical Data Sheet that you can download for more information.


@Corey_M Thank you for your response!

Do you think it would be possible to provide any information regarding the pre-heat parameters?
Are all resins set to the same pre-heat time and temperature?

Thank you!

Hi @Hasanaburumi,

We have some information on this on our Maintaining resin temperature article. You should also be able to verify the temperature as displayed on the printer’s screen during preheating.