Laser Parameters

Hi! How can we determine the laser’s parameters in different printing modes? I was wondering if it is possible to know the laser’s power and scanning speed each time you choose a different printing mode (for example Clear V4, Grey V4 etc). How the terms Clear, Grey, Black (materials) and V1,V2,V3 and V4 (versions) etc affects the laser’s power and speed? Is there any table with the materials, versions, laser power, scanning speed, exposure time etc ?

Thank you!

Hi, Presumably you are after this information with a view to developing resins?

If so, what is most needed is the amount of UV energy applied per unit of time at any given point.

Unfortunately the information is not easily available and the only way of collecting it is via measurements with a radiometer.capable of data capture at a sample rate greater than 1ms with a spot resolution of approx 100um. (A nice but very expensive setup!!)

I suspect that anyone who has invested in such kit would be reluctant to share the information openly (For obvious commercial reasons)

Don’t forget that the figure alters between adhesion layers and the model build layers.