Resin speed stats?

Do you have any stats for the different resins and their print times per say, 100 layers or something? Some metric to understand the rate at which each resin type prints? The reason I ask is because I typically print my prototypes in grey, simply because the color is neutral and good for understanding shadows and form. I just tried white and was blown away at how much faster it appeared to print the same size part. Are there big differences between colors?


Really good question, Christopher. We don’t have any stats prepared for the information right now. The most effective way to figure out the difference is just to calculate the time in PreForm with the different material settings. Print time depends pretty heavily on the geometry and orientation of the part, so it is impossible to say that one material prints X times faster than another. As a general rule of thumb, for large surface area parts printed at 100 microns, clear and grey are about the same (maybe grey is a bit faster), white can be up to 10% faster, and black up to 10% slower.

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Yes i noticed the same.
The exact same print with the same orientation with black versus clear, black is slower than clear.

I would imagine that clear is the fastest.
I’ve found that location on the print platform changes the speed as well since the wiper will only go across the area where the print is.

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